Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sandra Emerson: Foreclosure Warrior

Our very own Oak Park and River Forest foreclosure defense attorney Sandra M. Emerson was recently featured in The Suit Magazine for her tireless work fighting for homeowner rights.  The article, which calls her “A Foreclosure Warrior,” describes why the Emerson Law Firm and its lawyers care so much about helping Chicago residents facing mortgage foreclosure or bankruptcy.  Abuses from banks during both the mortgage lending process and during home foreclosures have contributed greatly to the poor state of the housing market.  Now, when many homeowners in River Forest, Oak Park, and other nearby communities are concerned about the threat of foreclosure, Sandra Emerson believes 90% of mortgage foreclosures result from homeowners’ lack of representation.

Those of us working at the Emerson Law Firm know many individuals facing bankruptcy or foreclosure do not seek professional assistance, but we strive to change that reality.  We empower our clients—supporting them and involving them in every step of the process.  Sandra Emerson says, “Our clients are made to feel they are right there in the cockpit, helping us determine the right path.”

There certainly are a number of reasons that so many residents in our community are worried about the possibly of Chicago mortgage foreclosure.  The downturn of the economic market has led many people to seek our services due to no fault of their own.  Some have been victims of discriminatory or predatory lending.  Others have been victims of robo-signing and other bad mortgage company or bank behavior.  Still others are considering filing for bankruptcy due to unemployment or underemployment, high medical costs, mounting educational debt, or serious life changes such as injury or divorce.

Here are just a few reasons you can be confident in seeking assistance at the Emerson Law Firm:

Caring, Qualified Professionals

Our office is staffed with professionals who really care about our clients and about the state of bankruptcy and foreclosure in Illinois.  All of our employees are passionate and knowledgeable.  To learn more about the services our firm provides, click here.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use cutting edge technology at the Emerson Law Firm because we believe in making the most of the resources we need to be successful in representing you or your family.  In addition to high-speed scanners and specialized software, we have calendaring programs for deadlines and e-filing systems so our clients’ documents can be available instantly.  Our staff is well trained, courteous, and professional.

A Sense of Community

We aim to better the state of foreclosure for everyone living in Illinois.  One of Sandra Emerson’s dreams is to establish a foreclosure liaison committee that would improve the foreclosure process.  In particular, streamlining court procedures and mediation could greatly assist our clients, as well as homeowners across the state, so that they do not have to wait as long for their cases to be resolved.

But our greatest reward as foreclosure defense lawyers is knowing we have helped a client remain in his or her home.  “Our clients are not just numbers to us,” says Sandra Emerson. “We make them feel they are part of a family.”

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